Dior is one of the most recognisable luxury brands in the world. 

With a history spanning almost 75 years, they’re big fish in the world of high fashion. But beyond the glitz and glamour, how much do you really know about Dior?

Here are 5 things about the famous fashion house that encapsulate what they’re about.

5. Putting French fashion back on the map

Dior was officially founded in 1946, just a year after the end of WWII. This was in France, which had already lost its status as the fashion capital of the world. The French fashion industry needed something innovative to win back the hearts of fashion lovers. 

Enter Christian Dior, and his now-iconic “New Look” collection. On February 12, 1947, this collection premiered. Featuring a host of clothing designed to emphasise the feminine figure, reactions to the line-up were overwhelmingly positive. 

The collection, dubbed the “New Look,” exerted its influence well into the 1950s. It represented a bold new direction for fashion, inspiring new generations of designers all around the globe. And it all started in France, which today is still recognised as the fashion capital of the world.

4. Dior doesn’t just do clothing

Dior is best known for their apparel, but they do loads of other things too. Their fragrance range is a huge part of what they’re about. And guess what? This has been true since way back when they were first founded. A perfume society was formed in 1947, the same year the “New Look” collection launched.


Today Dior fragrance is recognised as the finishing touch to any outfit. The full range has seen countless updates over the years, and it just keeps growing. Today there’s a scent for everyone. Anyone who’s tried out a good selection of fragrances will already know their favorite.

But it’s not just fragrances to look out for. Dior also does handbags, make-up, skincare and sunglasses. In fact, there’s so much else they do apart from clothes that it’s impossible to summarise it all here. Which means that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll probably find it with Dior.

3. They love celebs (and vice versa)

The French fashion house doesn’t hold back when it comes to celebrity collaborations. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for several years, you’ll recognise the names of several “Celebrity Ambassadors” for Dior.


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Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp and Rihanna are just a few of the biggest names on the star-studded list. These are the people brought onboard to modernise the brand – to attract new fans while maintaining the luxury and exclusivity that it’s represented for so many years.

And it’s working. Dior continues to be relevant to young people, even after almost 75 years since the company was founded. Their strategy has sidestepped the issues facing some of the competition. Other brands are still struggling to shake the idea that they’re yesterday’s news. With its quick-off-the-mark approach to celeb collabs, Dior is proving itself a very modern fashion house.

2. The Jordan 1 Retro High Dior shoes are showstoppers

Considered by many to be the most highly anticipated drop of 2020, these shoes are no joke. The Jordan 1 Retro High Dior shoes launched in April at an eye-watering $2,000. But since then, prices have skyrocketed even higher. How much will a pair set you back now?

About $10,000. Yeah, you read that right. The resale market is taking Dior x Nike fans for a ride, and it’s not hard to see why. These shoes were released in extremely limited quantities – far less than the 5 million people who wanted to buy them, according to some Dior reports.

In fact, they’re so popular that some shady organisations are trying to cash in on the hype. Reports have surfaced of fake Jordan 1 Retro High Dior shoes which, fortunately, have already been confiscated by authorities. Still, be careful. If you’re in the market for these bad boys, make sure you only buy from sellers who guarantee authenticity. 

1. It’s not just for the 1%

Whether you already knew about Dior or are just finding out about them now, you probably see the pattern. It’s an expensive brand. And if you think $2,000 shoes are steep, just wait until you check out their jewelry!


But habits are changing. Nobody’s seriously saving thousands of dollars just to land one Dior product. Nobody’s going to settle for some lame fake, either. Fortunately, there are ways to get genuine Dior products without paying sky-high retail prices.

What ways? Watch this space, because we’ve got something coming very, very soon. We at Hybe are big fans of Dior – but that’s all we can say for now. 🤫

In the meantime, browse our full collection. Luxury fashion, guaranteed authenticity. 

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