Look, we get it: some people will do anything for hypebeast fashion.

Fredo knows it better than anyone. So he decided to make a challenge out of it. He calls it the “SSH challenge.” If his friend Swag can complete it, he gets initiated into the group. 

What does it involve? Our lips are sealed. You’ll have to watch the full video to find out. All we’re saying right now is that this should come with a warning. 

Hypebeast Fredo

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What’s the reward for surviving this madness? Good question. Fredo’s got some seriously dope stuff lined up for Swag. Nike Air Force 1 sneakers (in a crazy yellow colorway), Off-White x Air VaporMax trainers and a brand new iPhone XS (with 256GB memory) are all up for grabs.

Altogether, this is worth over $3,000, which is no joke. The iPhone in particular is really important to Fredo, and you’ll find out why when you see how things went down. All this swag is for Swag – as long as he can survive the initiation without tapping out. That’s a big “if,” so brace yourselves and check out the full video here

Fortunately, there’s an easier way to land red-hot hypebeast fashion.

With Hybe’s groundbreaking prices, everyone can get their hands on the hottest brands – without having to survive some crazy initiation. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or getting something for a friend, we’ve got you covered. Don’t know how it works yet? Find out right here

Fredo’s done a lot of good stuff for his squad, but sometimes a guy just needs to let his wild side out. We hear you, Fredo. But we think we’re going to stick with unboxing the easy way, when it comes to getting our fashion fix. ✌️

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