The wait is over – Hybe Shop has just rolled out and is now available for all members!

Most of you guys have already started collecting 🔥 points. Now’s the time to use them, on exclusive products, badges, wallpapers and much more. Also look out for VIP boxes!

What are 🔥 points?

For those who don’t already know, 🔥 points are what you get when you exchange unwanted items (along with your normal credit). There’s a few other ways to get them, including just buying them. This is great for people who have seen something they really want in the Hybe Shop, and want to quickly collect enough 🔥 points to get it. 

🔥 points are one of the ways we guarantee you never lose value when you buy any of our collections. No matter what box you select, and no matter what you get, you’ll always get credit and 🔥 points to put towards something else. 

What’s in the Hybe Shop?

Lots of stuff. There’s badges, which will display next to your username when unlocked. These are great for adding more personality to your profile, and there’s plenty to choose from. Crowns, diamonds, Yeezys and yes, even a chicken. Choose the one that speaks to you. 

We’ve also got high-quality wallpapers. These have been specially created by our design team to look fantastic on any desktop. Presented in 1920×1080 resolution, these are inspired by timeless designs from legendary fashion houses. Look out for Balenciaga, Off-White, and even some based on our own unique aesthetic. 

Finally, the Hybe Shop also features new mystery boxes that you can’t get anywhere else. These are the Sunrise mystery box, sporting a red theme, and the Blue Moon mystery box, sporting a blue theme. Both boxes feature big names like Supreme, BAPE and Nike Air, so definitely check them out.

There’s a few other surprises we don’t want to spoil here. Explore the shop for yourself, and stay tuned for new additions.

What else?

We’ve also totally revamped Hybe Loyalty. Check it out now, because our brand new challenges will net you anything from 140 🔥 points all the way up to 2,500. Which will unlock plenty of cool stuff from the Hybe Shop.

But it gets even better, because we’re also now offering a unique mystery box, for free, every single day. How do you redeem it? Just check in, go to Hybe Loyalty, and claim it. That’s it. Take it. It’s yours. You’re welcome.

The Hybe Shop – now open for business!

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