Life’s better with friends. So is Hybe. Let’s get together.

We’re big on giveaways here, and you don’t have to take our word for it. Whether you’re counting points on TopDrop or following our Instagram for totally random freebies, there’s always something sweet just around the corner. 

But how do your friends get in on this? The ones who might not even know what Hybe’s all about yet? And wouldn’t it be dope to, you know, get something for yourself, too? Well, guess what? We’ve taken one of our most popular reward schemes and turned the dial all the way to 100. 

We think you’re going to love it (and trust us: so will your friends). This way for good vibes.

Invite your friends >>> everyone gets free stuff 🛍

First up, head over to our Referrals page. If you’re already signed in, then you’ll see your unique URL in the box. By default it contains your Hybe username, but you can edit it to whatever you want.

Choose something good, because this is the URL you’re going to be sending to friends, family, and whoever else you think will love Hybe.

Everyone who creates an account with Hybe using your unique URL is eligible for rewards. And that means you’re eligible for rewards, too. 

What your friends get 🎁

As soon as your friends sign up using your unique URL, we give them a free box, ready to be opened instantly. How’s that for a welcome present? We think it’s a great way to kick-start the Hybe experience. And we’ve got a feeling your friends will agree, too. 

Free boxes are bellissimo, but we wanted to go one step further. So – as one of your referrals – your friends, family and whoever else has used your URL all get a 10% bonus added to their first top-up.

Good vibes

What does this mean? Okay, let’s say your friend wants to add $50 to his Hybe balance. Your friend does just that – and then we give them an extra $5 on top of it. $50 >>> $55. And the bonus increases depending on how much that first top-up is. 

ALL of your referrals are entitled to these rewards, from the moment they sign up using your URL. Free box + 10% bonus = super good vibes. 

What you get 💰

Of course, we’re not leaving you high and dry here. We want to thank you for introducing your friends to Hybe. So here’s what we’ll do for you.

If ANY of your referrals deposit $25 or more for their first top-up, we’ll give you $10 credit. This is valid for every single one of your referrals. 

Let’s break it down. If you get 10 people to sign up via your unique URL, and all 10 top-up $25 or more, then you get $10 credit for each of them. Altogether, that’s $100.  More people >>> more credit. 

There’s no limit to this. Whether you want to share Hybe with a few close friends, or blast out your unique URL on social media to get hundreds of referrals – and hundreds of dollars in credit – you’re in the driver’s seat.

Good vibes all round 🌆

We’ve talked about free boxes, top-up bonuses and free credit, and we’re thrilled to be giving this stuff to people who love Hybe as much as we do. We hope you’re just as thrilled (maybe a little bit more) to be getting it. 

But there’s something we haven’t touched on yet, which is really simple, but kinda important. We’re hoping that these incentives will help introduce more people to a new way of shopping. Because everything’s better when it’s done together. And with Hybe, luxury is always just a click away.

It all starts with you. Invite your friends and spread good vibes. We’ll handle the free stuff. 

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