Prettyboyfredo learned that one of his subscribers was going through a medical emergency. When she recovered, he used Hybe to help get back her confidence.

Fredo previously met Julie when she was in hospital last year. A family member told him what was going on, so he surprised her with a visit. She was thrilled, and better yet, her recovery went much quicker than expected. But after something like that, her confidence couldn’t just bounce back.

Fredo and Julie talk about her experiences.

Recovery isn’t just physical.

Julie was just 14 when she needed to go to hospital. The treatment she needed involved shaving her hair for surgery. That’s a big ask for anyone, especially someone as young as her. In her own words, it made her feel “insecure.” Fredo picked up on this, which is why he wanted to do something extra special for her.

Hybe teamed up with Fredo to help transform this young woman’s life. Dope clothes aren’t always just clothes. They’re a way to win back confidence after it’s been taken from you. Fredo knows this. He wanted to surprise Julie with hot fashion and footwear to remind her what “normal” is.

Fredo shops for lit fashion and footwear for Julie

Check out the full video to find out what Fredo landed for Julie on Hybe!

With FIVE brand new products lined up for Julie, it’s time to get her confidence back. 

Fredo invites her to his crib along with a bunch of friends, and the unboxings begin. This is happening about six months after Julie’s initial surgery (COVID-19 stopped Fredo from organising it sooner), and you can tell she’s still not 100%. 

It’s not every day a teenager gets to take home thousands of dollars in fashion, footwear and accessories. Especially not so soon after such a serious health scare. You can see just how serious Julie’s condition was in the video. She’s come a crazy long way since then.

Julie showing off her awesome new BAPE Camo Shark hoodie

Huge shout-out to Fredo for putting this together with us.

We’re incredibly happy to see Julie getting back to normal, and we’re pretty sure her new stuff will help. Mostly though, we’re glad to know she’s gotten a genuine confidence boost. It’s never just about the clothes: it’s about what they can do for you. Julie, you rock!

With a collection for every price point, and with our dope Value Guarantee, anyone can shop with Hybe. Whether you’re shopping for someone else or even for yourself, you’ll find what you’re looking for on Hybe. Grab the biggest names in fashion, from Supreme and BAPE to Gucci and Nike, by checking out the full range now.

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