Fredo is no stranger to luxury sneakers. This time he’s shopping for influencer and friend Bari, who only owns ONE pair of shoes.

Fredo isn’t sure why Bari’s still wearing the same old Jordans for as long as they’ve known each other, but it gives him an idea for a pretty hilarious new prank. Fortunately for Bari, there’s a little catch involved, and it means a BRAND NEW collection of sneakers for him.

Things are going to get heated.

First destination? Hybe, because there’s nowhere else to land luxury apparel and footwear on the cheap. Fredo already knows how it works: 1) pick a collection, 2) see what’s up for grabs, and 3) unbox! 

It’s not long before he gets what he needs. From the Off-White Box Fredo lands his first major drop: Nike Air Force 1 x Off-White sneakers featuring a seriously attractive sky blue colorway.

And it’s not just a dope pair of trainers. These are worth almost $1,600 –  way more than the price of the actual box. 

Fredo lost it over this. Can you blame him?

Next he tries the Balenciaga Shoes box, and gets Balenciaga Triple S clear sole trainers. This is the prestige fashion house’s most popular footwear design, and the colorway Fredo’s just landed is seriously cool: jet black with neon green highlights.

And there’s so much more. From the Yeezy x Off-white collection, Fredo lands Yeezy Powerphase trainers (exchanged!), from Yeezy Budget he gets Yeezy Wave Runners (kept!), and from Nike Guaranteed he grabs legendary Jordan 1 Retro Highs (definitely kept!).

With an incredible collection of designer trainers lined up for Bari, it’s time for the main event.

Watch the full video to see what happens!

The aftermath is pretty hilarious – but the truth is that Bari’s actually pretty angry. When he tells Fredo that those old Jordans were his only pair, he isn’t kidding. When he says that he doesn’t have the kind of money to buy loads of trainers like the rest of the gang, it kind of hits home.

And of course, Bari doesn’t know what Fredo’s got in store for him yet. So his reaction is totally understandable, and honestly a little emotional. It can be really difficult to build up a big collection of sneakers, because the prices can be crazy high. 

For an up-and-coming influencer like Bari, it’s obviously a big problem. But it’s also a problem for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest trends and get some drip, without having the deep pockets to afford it.

So it’s time for Fredo to clear the air. Because he knows where Bari’s coming from.

Fredo respects Bari big-time for working hard for what he’s got. He also wants Bari to know that Fredo’s always looking out for him. Like any true friend, Fredo’s always got his back. This is what brought Fredo to Hybe looking for sneakers in the first place. 

And here’s the thing: it’s not just about the trainers. It’s about how the trainers make Bari feel. This is something everyone knows: what it’s like to wear fresh sneakers and go out feeling like a million bucks. So when Fredo went shopping for Bari, it wasn’t just shoes he was looking for. It was something to give his friend the confidence he needed to pick himself back up again

This is what our fans love about Hybe: it gives anyone, anywhere in the world, equal access to iconic designer brands that make them feel great. Whether you’re looking out for a friend (and whether or not a prank is involved), or you just want some fashion and footwear to treat yourself with, Hybe’s got you covered. It’s what we do.

We’ve got the full video right here, so check it out and then head over to Hybe for more fun. 

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