COVID-19 sucks. Here’s what we’re doing  to avoid possible disruptions.

The Hybe team is following developments as they happen, and observing all-important medical guidelines like social distancing. We’ve also been pretty moved by the courage we’re seeing around the world, especially among healthcare professionals and all other essential workers, and we’re sure you’re right with us on that. 

That said, life doesn’t – and shouldn’t – come to a standstill. Whether you get your kicks from binge-watching Netflix, firing up the games console or doing some online shopping with your favorite retailers, we want to play our part in making an uncool situation a little more bearable. 

So, online shopping fans, rejoice: Hybe anticipates no widespread delays with shipment, and at the time of writing our distributors have experienced only one delay related to COVID-19. If circumstances change, we’ll keep every single one of you updated, but right now, it’s business as usual – or as usual as anyone possibly can be under the circumstances. Remember, you can get in touch with a member of our dedicated support team at any time by emailing info [at] hybe [dot] com. Any questions or concerns? We’re always happy to hear from you.

Meanwhile, we’re running our site exactly as planned – even if all of us at Hybe, like most of the world, are stuck indoors a little more than we’d like to be. But we’re staying positive, staying focused and staying dedicated to what we’ve always done: giving every member of our community equal access to world-class designers, from Supreme to Gucci, and even emerging names that don’t always get the spotlight they deserve. 

Our mission hasn’t changed, and we hope you’re as ready as we are to take the world of Mystery Boxes to exciting and empowering new heights. On behalf of each and every one of us, stay safe and keep enjoying everything that Hybe has to offer.

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